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Action User Plus - pay for featured event

  • I saw someone else post a question about this today, and I’m hoping for the same thing!

    I’m using Action User Plus to allow anyone to add a (free) event.  I’d like to give them the option of paying to upgrade the event to a featured event.

    In my specific application, it might be ideal to offer a “featured credit” that they can purchase and then use.  I can think of ways that I might let them earn these credits (like, for referrals) that don’t have a strict cash value.  But I’d accept a version that just let them pay for it!


    Many thanks!


    BY: Chris Martell | Apr 21,2017 AT 4:15PM | Updated 1 week ago
    • I love this Idéa. It would be such a great value to a community.

      However I would not allow members to be able to pay to get advantages, I feel this creates competition within the community. I would like my members to put up their own event and ‘get gifts/paid’ from those who attend and gained value from their event. Then the community takes on a whole new level of value for the members where they can explore their skills and values, hosting their own events and get symbolic gifts for adding value to the community / have a financial value within the community.

      Combining this with Ultimate Member and we have a revolution right here.

      What I see would be needed is;

      * A members page where members can host and manage their events. (this is where Ultimate Member comes in)

      * Simple links to PayPal and other means of transferring money/cryptos as a GIFT on the members’ page and event page

      * The “interested” addon would be of high value in combination with this addon

      * On the members page one can see all the “interested” events

      * A simple way for admin of community to manage and approve the members events

      * (suggestion for members page; profile button above filter area that when clicked, the calendar close down and profile page comes up where calendar used to be, just like when switching months. The dream would be to have this linked with Ultimate member as Ultimate Member can be linked with bbpress which I see could be the holy trinity in a community.)

      If you make this happen I’d pay good money for the extension.

      A collaboration with Ultimate Member and Bbpress would create huge traffic for you guys.

      All the best, Vik

      BY: Vik | Aug 23,2018 AT 1:00AM | Posted 1 month ago
    • BY: Raymond Ringston | Oct 14,2018 AT 7:14AM | Posted 1 week ago


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