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  • Hello,

    I bought the myeventon plugin and put in some events.

    On my website, I want to show just some events for 1 week, for example just show events from 05.02 to the 09.02, but only for this week. So I think, the addon “weeklyview” could help me with the problem.

    My questen is now: can I choose a fix week (like a fixed year and months in the normal plugin) or is that not possible?

    Thank you for your answer.

    BY: Markus Lechtenböhmer | Dec 18,2017 AT 7:51AM | Updated 10 months ago
    • Hi,

      Yes, with the weekly view addon, you can show events of each week at a time. You will also get the option to navigate to another weeks using with buttons. If you do not want to provide options to navigate to other weeks, you can just hide them with small css code, which we can send you.

      Actually, if you want to be sure, you can test the addon live on our demo site:


      Let us know if you need help with anything else.

      BY: Ashish Rai | Dec 18,2017 AT 8:21AM | Posted 11 months ago
    • Hey,

      thank you for your answer.

      I created a shortcode ([add_eventon_wv disable_week_switch=”yes” ]) which shows me all events of the current week. What I’ve to add, that the shortcode shows only the events from the 5th of February to the 9th of February? Or is that not possible?

      When I want to set a fixed month and year, the shortcode looks like [add_eventon_wv fixed_month=”11″ fixed_year=”2018″ ].

      I hope you unterstand my problem.

      BY: Markus Lechtenböhmer | Dec 18,2017 AT 8:30AM | Posted 11 months ago
    • I’ll get Ashan involved with this- I remember the weekly view having additional options (I might be wrong) but I don’t see those options in the developer site I thought similar to the daily addon you could do a fixed week and fixed month and fixed year which would give you exactly what you are after


      the daily addon might be what you are after instead but lets wait for ashans answer

      BY: infotainerdave | Dec 18,2017 AT 11:24PM | Posted 10 months ago
    • Markus, actually you can do this


      This would increment the current week to show the future week but it is not a fixed week sorry. I will see if we can add this as feature request in the future 🙂

      BY: Ashan Jay | Dec 19,2017 AT 11:32AM | Posted 10 months ago
    • Thank you for your answer, I’ll wait for some features in the future.


      BY: Markus Lechtenböhmer | Dec 19,2017 AT 11:42PM | Posted 10 months ago


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