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Event Reminder Emails

  • Hello

    With events and RSVP addon, is there any way to automatically send reminder emails to registered members.

    Ideally, I’d like to send an email 5 days before, 2 days before, then a thank you email 2 days after to those who came (checked in).

    Do you think you will be able to create this addon? I’d be happy to pay. I need it as soon as possible really.

    If not, could you possibly provide me with a few bits of PHP code I’d need to get started doing this myself?

    (1) Get an array of all the active events. (So I can loop through them).

    (2) For the current event ID (within the loop). Get the start date of event, end date of event, list of RSVP’d member emails, and possibly list of ‘checked in’ members.

    With this, I’d then be able to setup something basic to send reminders.

    Thanks for your time.


    BY: ElliotVS | Nov 17,2016 AT 5:27AM | Updated 6 months ago
    • Elliot,

      Thanks for your request. We will definitely review it.

      As for custom code, I will inform our admin of this. He will respond here if he is able to help you with it.

      BY: Ashish Rai | Nov 18,2016 AT 3:53AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Thank you for your patience.

      BY: Ashish Rai | Nov 21,2016 AT 9:17AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • No problem. 🙂

      BY: ElliotVS | Nov 21,2016 AT 10:21AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • This is requested by multiple people and and we have switching this ticket to a feature request type so others can also vote for this feature. I do not have a custom code for you at this time but if we get a lot of interest from other users for this feature we can move it into production and get it implemented into the addon. 🙂

      BY: Ashan Jay | Nov 21,2016 AT 1:09PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi,

      Possible that the person who if he wants to receive notification to an event!
      And different alerts eg. At J-5 then J-1 !!

      BY: HDCms | May 15,2017 AT 6:08AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi Ashish Rai

      Any update on this? Will this feature be added any time soon?

      BY: ElliotVS | May 15,2017 AT 6:27AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • No updates yet we are working on couple of other important updates at the moment followed by disastrous woocommerce update. As soon as we get these immediate issues resolved we are hoping to work on these features with high vote numbers 🙂

      BY: Ashan Jay | May 15,2017 AT 10:33AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Would be awesome!

      BY: hmg29 | Jun 5,2017 AT 2:02PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Could this be done with Woocommerce – Follow up ?   “https://woocommerce.com/products/follow-up-emails/”

      BY: OnlineThemes | Jun 8,2017 AT 2:23AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • I see it works with “The Events Cal…..” 🙂

      Would be nice if MyEventOn also got working with Woocommerce – Follow up

      BY: OnlineThemes | Jun 8,2017 AT 2:31AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Has anyone managed to get this working?

      Any ideas if this feature may be available soon?

      BY: ElliotVS | Aug 6,2017 AT 9:16AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • The Woocommerce – Follow up” plugin might work, but I’m not using WooCommerce / Tickets, instead RSVP Events is being used.

      BY: ElliotVS | Aug 6,2017 AT 9:24AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi everyone,

      I wonder if this could be achieved with MailChimp’s WooCommerce integration, if we could just find a way to make EventON work with this. I know it’s not the ideal solution as it would require using MailChimp, but it would also come with some advantages for those who already use it.

      Also, it would perhaps be even better to make EventON work with Zapier – in that way a whole world of opportunities would open up!

      BY: jskafte | Aug 6,2017 AT 12:30PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • I think integration as a built in EventOn addon/plugin would be ideal. So that the the email functionality that already exists with RSVP, where you can send emails to users that have RSVP’d to an event / attending an event, can also be sent automatically as reminders and thank you messages at certain periods before/after the event. This would be better for sites that only use the RSVP addon and don’t have WooCommerce installed.

      BY: ElliotVS | Aug 6,2017 AT 12:43PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hello, do you know if this feature can be implemented any time soon?

      BY: ElliotVS | Aug 26,2017 AT 8:41AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Since I need this pretty urgently, I’m going to look at developing this “Event Reminder Emails” functionality addon myself instead. I have a few ideas in mind.

      BY: ElliotVS | Aug 28,2017 AT 12:02PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • This would be fantastic. Really looking forward to having the capability of keeping people in the loop before and after an event. It is one of the biggest challenges we face organizing events.

      BY: Casey Jeppesen | Aug 30,2017 AT 2:15PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi ElliotVS,

      Please, if you build a solution to this, would you mind sharing it with us / EventON? In that way your solution could potentially be the starting point for an integrated solution that can be further developed.


      BY: jskafte | Sep 3,2017 AT 4:27AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • I am not the developer of eventon however I am one of his helpers and run my own site

      I am playing with arigota pro an email autoresponder system for wordpress- I am looking at building a sign up to be reminded autoresponder with it- only weakness right now is getting the url of the single event into a hidden field in the form

      arigato pro I have found is pretty good for email newsletters (it replaced my interspire email marketer ) installation a few months back.

      so it is only sends a reminder if the customer wants (this will reduce the emails being spam)
      if anyone knows much about getting the url into a hidden field please let me know because I am stumped

      BY: infotainerdave | Sep 6,2017 AT 8:35PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • If I manage to build a solution, I’ll see what I can do regarding sharing it.

      @infotainerdave So you think with your method it would be possible to create reminders about each event, if someone RSVP’s / registers to it? Did you figure out your problem yet?

      BY: ElliotVS | Sep 13,2017 AT 5:43PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • my solution isn’t the best- its a start

      basically I am using arigato pro which is a newsletter/auto responder program built into wordpress

      contact form 7

      custom form 7 addon

      I have a contact form 7 form in the side bar which says “set reminder” they fill out the form and it grabs the url of the page into a hidden field- and adds it to an autresponder series where the event attendee can set what kind of reminders they get- (every 4 days, every 7 days)  I have not figured out how to stop the emails sending other than the unsubscribe feature


      In a pinch it works but it needs to be a bit better I’d rather not use contact form 7 as I am only using it because I can’t figure out a way to arigato pro to grab the url


      I did manage to find and test a plugin that can send out email invites tho which is
      with a bit of modifying to the content of what gets sent the event manager could use it to go through their rsvp’s and send bulk emails out but that would only work for 20 or so email addresses otherwise you risk overloading your server with email sending unless you have a very good server (I am on a $80 virtual server from siteground and all my email tests have passed)

      still working on it

      BY: infotainerdave | Sep 18,2017 AT 7:40AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hey guys thanks a lot for the support for this feature. Sorry for my delayed presence in here. Was caught up with a lot of updates I was working on. So really nice to see lot of people are interested in this feature !

      We are going to start working on this feature for you guys! Will keep you guys posted.

      BY: Ashan Jay | Sep 20,2017 AT 3:55PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi Ashan

      Great! Any idea on when you think you’ll complete this? Some time within 2-3 weeks perhaps?

      I’d be interested in testing it out if you’re looking, since I need a solution asap.

      With what you have in mind, will there be a way to create unique reminders on set days (example 3 days before, 7 days before) for events, plus follow up “thank you” emails after events (example 1 day after).


      BY: ElliotVS | Sep 23,2017 AT 5:11AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Capture

      Wanted to share with you guys a sneak peek of the reminders settings page 🙂 things are moving along nicely! If the tests doesnt take too long I am hoping to release next week.

      BY: Ashan Jay | Sep 26,2017 AT 8:17AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi Ashan

      Looks great!

      Do you think you can insert a way to include the event link in the message.

      Also can “Checked in guests” be included in the dropdown?


      BY: ElliotVS | Sep 26,2017 AT 11:30AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Great to see this coming soon!

      One question – will it be possible to add or overwrite reminders at event level?

      Looking forward to trying this out!

      BY: jskafte | Sep 27,2017 AT 2:36AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • jskafte – I was thinking this too. Just noticed it says at the top of the screenshot: “The auto reminder emails can be enabled within each event edit page under RSVP settings”. Not sure if this means you can create custom reminders for each event. This would be good though.

      BY: ElliotVS | Sep 27,2017 AT 4:02AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi Ashan

      Hopefully this is coming along well? Any ETA on when it will be ready?

      Do you know if it will be possible to create custom reminder messages for each event, as well as only send a email to guests that “checked in” and maybe guests that didn’t check in.

      For example 2 follow up emails, one that is sent to people that attended and one sent to those who didn’t turn up that RSVP’d.


      BY: ElliotVS | Oct 4,2017 AT 3:14AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • it would be interesting to be able top upload say a csv of invitations to an event which starts them on an autoresponder series which invites them to the event and then when they rsvp they get removed from the invite list and get send a reminder email instead

      BY: infotainerdave | Oct 12,2017 AT 6:49AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi Ashan

      Hope you are doing well.

      Any idea why this feature/addon will be available?


      BY: ElliotVS | Oct 12,2017 AT 8:05AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hey guys, love hearing your input on the sneak peek 🙂 The reminders can be turned on and off per each event. I will add the other requests as well. But I am not sure about custom reminder per each event. This might be something to add later down the road after initial release 🙂

      As for ETA: I got most of the core done and still remain to test more on this and add additional features you guys request so I would say end of November as a release date.

      BY: Ashan Jay | Oct 23,2017 AT 9:30AM | Posted 12 months ago
    • Sounds great Ashan!

      BY: ElliotVS | Oct 23,2017 AT 9:35AM | Posted 12 months ago
    • Hi Ashan,

      Sounds good!

      Will this feature also be available for normal events and event tickets – and not only for RSVPs?


      BY: jskafte | Oct 28,2017 AT 3:11AM | Posted 11 months ago
    • I am very pleased to hear about this feature. I have been asking for it for over a year. Whay has it taken so long?!

      I bought the Subscriber Add-On and RSVP Add-on hoping that I would be able to send emails to to site-members reminding them of events. It is essential!!!

      I honestly thought that this feature could easily have been enabled by altering the Subscriber Add-on. At the moment that Subscriber Add-on only allows for one email to be sent to subscribers per event. After the one email has been sent that option to send an email to subscribers is greyed out. This means that you cannot send a test email and you cannot send multiple emails. Surely, all that needs to be done is to make it possible to send multiple emails of an event to subscribers?????

      BY: stephengarratt | Nov 2,2017 AT 1:47AM | Posted 11 months ago
    • @stephengarratt

      Ashan is working on this feature at the moment and it should be ready soon apparently. I believe it is now just in testing, so should be soon.

      I think there is more to it than just making it possible to send multiple emails. This addon will let you create automatic (not manual) reminders that are sent at certain times before and after the event.

      The recent eventon update was required for the new email reminders addon to work.

      Hopefully we’ll see it released soon! 🙂

      BY: ElliotVS | Nov 22,2017 AT 7:32AM | Posted 11 months ago
    • yes I have a beta build on my site- there is a slight error which will be fixed however the recent eventon core update 2.6.3 is causing some issue so priority is getting that sorted out.

      Once that is done the reminders will be fixed and tested- I am sure that Ashan would be interested in some testers on sites with a good server and smtp to ensure that any errors are coming from eventon and not a crap server if there are any errors for testing

      BY: infotainerdave | Nov 22,2017 AT 1:10PM | Posted 11 months ago
    • Thanks guys for feedback! We are doing final tests right now as Dave mentioned.

      Also as Elliot mentioned, it will be able to send multiple emails on auto schedule. Really hoping to get this out this week 🙂

      BY: Ashan Jay | Dec 4,2017 AT 8:24AM | Posted 10 months ago
    • Ashan Jay  – Awesome, I’m glad to hear it’s very close to being ready!

      I guess it will hopefully be this week since it wasn’t ready last week?

      All the best!

      BY: ElliotVS | Dec 13,2017 AT 8:59AM | Posted 10 months ago
    • Hi Ashan,

      I’m really looking forward to this functionality (and actually already started work on it myself before finding this thread)!

      Any idea if it will be released before the end of this year?

      BY: lessormore | Dec 20,2017 AT 7:13AM | Posted 10 months ago
    • lessormore

      Same! I imagine it will be ready very soon since it’s in final testing. 🙂

      BY: ElliotVS | Dec 20,2017 AT 9:14AM | Posted 10 months ago
    • Appreciate it guys it will probably be ready for january as we are heading into holidays. And we are still having minor bugs and I dont want to release it with bugs  🙂 But Dave and I are working on fixing those 🙂

      BY: Ashan Jay | Dec 20,2017 AT 3:39PM | Posted 10 months ago
    • Update:

      I have been playing around with it and testing the reminders being sent out at the right time I set them to be sent

      • so emails are sending at the right time
      • there is a slight error in setting up all 3 reminders (2 are working but there is some code missing from the 3rd one which is a quick fix) so when finished you can set 3 reminders
      • you set it to send however many minutes before the event so for 2 days = 2880 minutes before the event for example and you can select who that gets sent to
        (be it those who have rsvp’d or to those who said no, or guests who have checked in- not sure if it can be set to minus numbers- so for example if someone gets checked in and you set it to -1440 then it would send an email after the event to those checked in (like a gift for turning up)- I don’t think thats possible at the moment tho but will do some tests- possible in a future update
      • It uses wordpress cron – with an update in the future for full server cron (we really wanted to get the thing running to start with) – if you have your website as your browser home page- everytime you open your web browser you will trigger the sending if there is sending that needs to be sent
      • can be turned on and off for each event
      • you can activate 1 to 3 reminders each event (so you don’t have to use all 3 reminders each event- you might only want to send 1 or 2 for example)
      • the reminders have place holders for the event name and the event link (and future updates will include the date and location) with the ability to add other text in the message BUT at the moment you can’t create event specific reminders they are generic across the board and the name and link changes depending on the event

        for example you could send: (after setting the email to send 2880 minutes before the event)

      You have RSVP’d to [event name} which is happening in 2 days
      if you are unable to attend or would like to have more people attend you can change your RSVP here [event link]

      in future updates we would like to have something like

      Hi [name]

      Only 2 days to go before [event name].

      you can manage your rsvp here [event link]

      event details:
      Date: [event date]
      Location: [event location]

      If you can’t make it please update your rsvp asap here: [event link]

      I don’t know something like that…..

      so yes it is working but there are a tiny few little tweaks to make it work better- we want to test high volume emails (like sending 50 emails out to see what impact that has on a server)

      current testing environment:
      I am on a siteground virtual server ($80 a month) I already have arigato pro wordpress plugin to send email newsletters so I know the server can handle sending 50 emails but that uses server cron- we are testing wordpress cron not sure on how that will effect sending)
      I do have an smtp plugin from sendgrid working which I believe you are going to need an smtp plugin (plenty of free ones out there like sendgrid)
      wordpress is not good at sending emails in bulk by itself so even on the virtual server the smtp is needed.


      BY: infotainerdave | Dec 23,2017 AT 7:52PM | Posted 10 months ago
    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for the update. Sounds good.

      If you’re looking for any testers feel free to get in touch.

      BY: ElliotVS | Jan 4,2018 AT 7:49AM | Posted 9 months ago
    • go here and rsvp


      you should get an email 2 days before the event and 1 day before the event- I am testing a server cron jobs (instead of wp-cron)

      the email you will receive is basic – (most important thing is for the thing to send)

      same for this event http://aardykidsmagician.sydney/events/dave-test-4/

      please rsvp emails will be sent from aardy@kidsmagicworld.com.au (so make sure they don’t go into spam)

      BY: infotainerdave | Jan 8,2018 AT 11:16AM | Posted 9 months ago
    • tick the subsribe box for the reminders

      BY: infotainerdave | Jan 8,2018 AT 11:17AM | Posted 9 months ago
    • I’m interested in tracking this issue as we’re using this tool to allow people to sign up for a media channel. We’d like for them to be able to mark certain events and get reminders that their event is about to start.

      I see ‘reminders’ listed in the addon section of the plugin, but clicking it takes me to a page that says “page not found”


      BY: Gerald Griffith | Jan 14,2018 AT 8:37AM | Posted 9 months ago
    • it is close- tests are going well – just 1 niggling problem to solve and test


      BY: infotainerdave | Jan 18,2018 AT 10:27PM | Posted 9 months ago
    • Just wanted to update you guys, dave has been a great help in testing out issues and I have fixed all of it and are doing some more tests and really hoping to get this released tomorrow. 🙂

      BY: Ashan Jay | Feb 1,2018 AT 2:21PM | Posted 8 months ago
    • 🙂

      BY: ElliotVS | Feb 2,2018 AT 7:02AM | Posted 8 months ago
    • Little bit of a hiccup guys found some more issues and will need more testing. And we are also going to add reminders compatibility for tickets addon as well.

      BY: Ashan Jay | Feb 2,2018 AT 4:11PM | Posted 8 months ago
    • @infotainerdave a while back you mentioned wanting to have the ability to upload an invitation list to an event, and use that as the beginning of a email series.

      We’re looking for that as well, so we can:

      1. Email a list of people we would like to invite to an Event
      2. Allow them to RSVP for one or more people or buy one or more tickets to the Event
      3. If the person RSVPs or purchases the Event ticket, remove them from the “invite” email notification series, so we don’t keeping asking people to RSVP
      4. For those that have not RSVP’d, send them one or more reminder emails about RSVPing to the event
      5. For those that have RSVP’d or bought a ticket, possibly send them one or more Event reminder emails (not a “please RSVP” email)

      You also mentioned some possible solutions related to Arigato Pro and/or WP-EMail.

      We have a list of around 700-1,000 people that we invite to our Events, and we would like to streamline the RSVP Reminder and Event Reminder notifications.


      BY: METal Dev | Feb 4,2018 AT 8:29AM | Posted 8 months ago
    • Hello,


      will this function of “Event Reminder Emails” be possible also from Front-End? We are using ActionUser for instance.

      Not only for the user who is creating the event to have the possibility of “Event Reminder Emails” but also for other users? This would be useful for those who use it within a company, reminders for users/colleagues of an event that is going to happen.

      Would be of interest for us.




      BY: Stefan Adrian Kiss | Feb 8,2018 AT 8:32AM | Posted 8 months ago
    • alrighty here we are http://www.myeventon.com/addons/reminders/

      BY: infotainerdave | Feb 8,2018 AT 5:22PM | Posted 8 months ago
    • 🙂

      BY: ElliotVS | Feb 9,2018 AT 4:45AM | Posted 8 months ago
    • @METal Dev I talked to the Arigato pro creator- it wasn’t something he could help with- he is normally fantastic with his customer service

      I still use wp-email for my sending although I am not sending to 1000 people at a time- I am sending 30 at a time.

      you get 2 pre show emails and 1 post show

      you can decide who they go to- so you could set it to those who have rsvp’d or to those who have rsvp’d no

      BUT currently there is no invitation system in place- but I believe that this is in the future – ashan hasn’t started developing it as yet- But I push things along 🙂


      Its seems a natural extension- display events- have tickets, have rsvps and send invites


      BY: infotainerdave | Feb 11,2018 AT 1:35AM | Posted 8 months ago
    • @infotainerdave ok, thanks.

      Yeah, I think having some invitation system would be a nice addition, though for it to be really scalable, it would likely have to use some form of transactional email system.

      Plus, it would have to have the capability I mentioned above.

      #5 seems to be addressed with the Reminders add-on, but that’s not enough to address all of our use-cases.

      BY: METal Dev | Mar 25,2018 AT 11:10PM | Posted 6 months ago
    • we have taken all your requests into consideration and have developed reminder addon. http://www.myeventon.com/addons/reminders/ any further additions or features you’d like to add please create new feature requests.

      BY: Ashan Jay | Apr 1,2018 AT 1:12PM | Posted 6 months ago


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