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Export event location / Event Organizer

  • Hi, is it possible export only the event locations and the event organizer to other event On? and how can I do that?

    Thanks for your time

    BY: Eduardo Chávez | Dec 18,2017 AT 11:15AM | Updated 11 months ago
    • Hello,

      Export Events with WordPress Export https://tppr.me/wbEQ and after it’s done delete events. Organizers and Locations should be there.

      BY: Artem | Dec 18,2017 AT 11:33AM | Posted 11 months ago
    • Thanks for your help, it works  excellent, just for curiosity is it possible only export the Organizers and Locations without the events? Because the events are differents in each site, but the locations and organizer are the same.



      BY: Eduardo Chávez | Dec 18,2017 AT 11:56AM | Posted 11 months ago
    • Not really. That’s how WordPress Exporter works (take a look at exporting posts). You can search for some another export plugin where you can export only categories without posts. It should work for events as well.

      BY: Artem | Dec 18,2017 AT 12:02PM | Posted 11 months ago


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