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order events - rsvp manager

  • Hello!

    It could be nice to order the events by date for rsvp manager.

    I tried [evo_rsvp_manager event_order=”ASC”] but I think it doesn’t work.

    Also, it could be nice to have the twitter feeds like the old helpdesk to get the new features 🙂


    BY: Hiro Nakata | Nov 19,2016 AT 3:47AM | Updated 1 year ago
    • Update: It could be nice to separate the next events (order by ASC) and past events ( order by DESC).

      see the screenshots

      BY: Hiro Nakata | Nov 20,2016 AT 4:45AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi,

      I have made this a feature-request.

      Thank you for your suggestion

      BY: Ashish Rai | Nov 20,2016 AT 9:50AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • 9 votes 🙂

      BY: Hiro Nakata | Feb 4,2017 AT 9:03AM | Posted 1 year ago


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