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Organizers have to send emails to attendees in frontend

  • Hello guys,

    My users noticed me a huge problem.

    They organize events from frontend, and they can’t send emails to attendees to inform about something or to inform they cancel the event. Frustrating.


    BY: Hiro Nakata | Dec 5,2016 AT 7:02AM | Updated 6 months ago
    • thanks for the message just want to make sure so we are talking about events created from actionUser with RSVP capabilities? that would like to email to the attendee list for the attendees of that event?>

      BY: Ashan Jay | Dec 5,2016 AT 6:28PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • yes ! actually the same as in backend

      BY: Hiro Nakata | Dec 6,2016 AT 2:49AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Ok thanks a lot for this feature suggestion!

      BY: Ashan Jay | Dec 6,2016 AT 2:04PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Yeah I wouldn’t mind that either on my own site

      Also it would be GREAT if they could send an email to invite people to the event- so add a list of emails and invite people????

      BY: infotainerdave | Apr 17,2018 AT 2:40AM | Posted 6 months ago


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