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Scheduled Emails to Subscribers and Organizers

  • Hello team,

    Firstly Great plugin.

    A really vital part to a community calendar, is automatic emails that do the following:

    1. Email to calendar subscribers each week/month or day to identify all the events coming for the week/month/day.
    2. Email to the event organizers each week/month or day with a tableĀ of all their events identifying event,venue,cost,time, so they can review their upcoming commitments.

    Both these email options should have a custom section for site owner to add personalised message.

    Is this something you can do? I would pay for this addon.


    BY: -Sparx- | Jul 11,2016 AT 1:46AM | Updated 5 months ago
    • btw, this would make sense to be part of your subscriber addon!

      BY: -Sparx- | Jul 11,2016 AT 2:49AM | Posted 2 years ago
    • Hi,

      Thank you very much for the suggestion.

      Few others have requested similar feature before. I am sure Ashan is aware of this and I will also inform him of this ticket.

      Hopefully this will be part of the plugin in the future.


      BY: Ashish Rai | Jul 11,2016 AT 6:24AM | Posted 2 years ago
    • Thanks my friend as Ashish mentioned I have written this down and we will get this rolling in the future updates to subscriber addon.

      BY: Ashan Jay | Jul 11,2016 AT 12:23PM | Posted 2 years ago
    • Thank you for your quick response.

      I’ve purchased 3 of your plugins already and they make a really robust calendar. However unfortunately I can’t launch my site until I can send out both the automated email types.

      Do you know how soon you may release such a feature? weeks/months?

      (I know you can’t necessarily commit to a specific date, but I just need to understand a relative timeframe to decide how to proceed)

      Thanks again, awesome plugin!

      BY: -Sparx- | Jul 11,2016 AT 2:36PM | Posted 2 years ago
    • Its in the pipeline of things and as you understand I do not have a date for when it will be ready.

      BY: Ashan Jay | Jul 14,2016 AT 11:10AM | Posted 2 years ago
    • Hello! Is this feature still being considered? And if so, do we have an idea of the time frame at this time?


      BY: maryseb | Sep 4,2017 AT 5:19AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Actually it is still in the plans for futurte but we do not have a timeline as we have several other things that are ahead of this ATM. sorry

      BY: Ashan Jay | Sep 4,2017 AT 12:10PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • I’d be really keen to have automated update emails.

      Currently if someone has subscribed and I add 20 events that match their profile, they will get 20 emails. This means they will unsubscribe very quickly!

      I only want people to get an email containing the summary of events matching their profile. When they click on an event it takes them to the full info on the event.

      It would be pretty cool if their was a general link to a page that just shows their personalised filtered content.


      The current functionality only seems to work with sites that have a small number of events.

      Thanks, Ian

      BY: Ian Wells | May 2,2018 AT 4:44AM | Posted 5 months ago


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