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Scheduled Emails to Subscribers and Organizers

  • Hello team,

    Firstly Great plugin.

    A really vital part to a community calendar, is automatic emails that do the following:

    1. Email to calendar subscribers each week/month or day to identify all the events coming for the week/month/day.
    2. Email to the event organizers each week/month or day with a tableĀ of all their events identifying event,venue,cost,time, so they can review their upcoming commitments.

    Both these email options should have a custom section for site owner to add personalised message.

    Is this something you can do? I would pay for this addon.


    BY: -Sparx- | Jul 11,2016 AT 1:46AM | Updated 7 months ago
    • btw, this would make sense to be part of your subscriber addon!

      BY: -Sparx- | Jul 11,2016 AT 2:49AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hi,

      Thank you very much for the suggestion.

      Few others have requested similar feature before. I am sure Ashan is aware of this and I will also inform him of this ticket.

      Hopefully this will be part of the plugin in the future.


      BY: Ashish Rai | Jul 11,2016 AT 6:24AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Thanks my friend as Ashish mentioned I have written this down and we will get this rolling in the future updates to subscriber addon.

      BY: Ashan Jay | Jul 11,2016 AT 12:23PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Thank you for your quick response.

      I’ve purchased 3 of your plugins already and they make a really robust calendar. However unfortunately I can’t launch my site until I can send out both the automated email types.

      Do you know how soon you may release such a feature? weeks/months?

      (I know you can’t necessarily commit to a specific date, but I just need to understand a relative timeframe to decide how to proceed)

      Thanks again, awesome plugin!

      BY: -Sparx- | Jul 11,2016 AT 2:36PM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Its in the pipeline of things and as you understand I do not have a date for when it will be ready.

      BY: Ashan Jay | Jul 14,2016 AT 11:10AM | Posted 1 year ago
    • Hello! Is this feature still being considered? And if so, do we have an idea of the time frame at this time?


      BY: maryseb | Sep 4,2017 AT 5:19AM | Posted 7 months ago
    • Actually it is still in the plans for futurte but we do not have a timeline as we have several other things that are ahead of this ATM. sorry

      BY: Ashan Jay | Sep 4,2017 AT 12:10PM | Posted 7 months ago


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