BUG RSVP stats do not open on the action user event manager


when opening the RSVP attendees in the event manager- the button doesn’t work

ticket attendees does seem to open up

in the backend RSVP attendees do pop up when clicked so this is limited to the action user event manager

Automatic timezone display

eventbrite shows the time now based on the visitrs timezone

with outs they have to click a button

so perhaps instead of view in my time – it simply displays the time and date difference by deafult 

Auto create account on event submit (also on RSVP)

This would be great if you have someone not logged in or with an account using the event submit from action user

and it asks for their name and email and it signs them up and auto logs them in when they submit their events

also if someone RSVP’s to an event it auto creates and account and logs them in

action user plus- give free events to people

essentially you can give a user role unlimited events via front end submission 

big site have multiple admins and they all can add whatever events they want- and lesser roles have topay for it 

Whos on the helpdesk icon

Basically when we log in- we don’t know who else is on, so a flashing icon or something to say whos on would be cool- we can then ask real time questions

welcome back alert message

basically an alert of some kind on the help desk to let us know if they have been here before (when just looking at a ticket top- ) this allows us to improve the relationship with something as simple as Welcome back to the forum- we are here to help 

its a small thing BUT it makes the customer feel wanted and cared for. thats good for business

Also if they add log in details to one ticket but not another- we can quickly look at the login details to get in and fix the issue without needing to ask them again for their wp-admin details

and remember- I am an ideas guy- I got no idea how to implement that!

Action User Plus Customization

Hi guys as you know I am crap at customization – I never take them but I would like a quote on customizing the Action User Plus addon for the following:

I plan to have several options ranging from free, Bronze silver and gold packages

the issue I found is that when set to free- you still have to go through woocomerce

I’d like to add a free option that they don’t have to go through woocommerce- it simply is a free way to add their events and on submit
 it is set to publish. the submitters wont get many options to choose from- just the basics (but I would still like to pick what options they get and change when I need to)

and then for paid versions it works as normal- go through woocomerce etc

Not sure how much that will cost- but If I can get quotes that would be great.