Action User Plus Customization

Hi guys as you know I am crap at customization – I never take them but I would like a quote on customizing the Action User Plus addon for the following:

I plan to have several options ranging from free, Bronze silver and gold packages

the issue I found is that when set to free- you still have to go through woocomerce

I’d like to add a free option that they don’t have to go through woocommerce- it simply is a free way to add their events and on submit
 it is set to publish. the submitters wont get many options to choose from- just the basics (but I would still like to pick what options they get and change when I need to)

and then for paid versions it works as normal- go through woocomerce etc

Not sure how much that will cost- but If I can get quotes that would be great.

Action user paid feature give credits

It would be handy to give credits to people who are good customers, I guess we could give them a coupon code, but it would be nice for them to log in and see “the admin has givted you with 10 credits”

Hide other event organisers

when people create an event via action user and it comes to the event organiser bit

they can create new or select their own- but they can also select others- it would be good to have the fields pre filled if they have added past events before and no list to select from

it tidies up the form and stops people from submitting spam events under other peopes names

Top customer Badge

simply for the backend- we rate the customers

some customers buy 20 addons- they are a good customer- at a glanse it would be great to see if they are a VIP or not- yeah I know we treat everyone with respect- but those with loads of your products may need extra special treatment

at the same time we can also give someone the shit badge for being rude – just a thought

Happening now view addon

Simply for websites with loads of events- they will want to display events happening right now, or starting in xyz minutes, or events that have just ended within the last xyz minutes

with zoom events happening some calendar sites will want to show you that events are happening right now

options to make event invisible if it requires a ticket or RSVP would be benefitnial 

Advertisers plugin

This will allow websites with loads of events to sprinkle adverts throughout their calendar

with different options

appear at top

appear mid way

appear at the bottom

so imagine main calendar with 15 events that month

right at the top could be an advert for say cars

midway down is an advert for shopping  it could be adwords advert from google

right at the end is some other advert

connected to woocomerce- you buy a spot on a calendar

API for actionuser

essentially this is for communities- say an actionuser adds several events

and also wants to display those events on his/her own website, but not events of another user

so this would add info on the event manager to give the api code they copy and paste into their own website

they can choose all events, past events or fututre events

Community Groups Addon

an addon that works well with

action user, RSVP, Tickets, Reviews subscriber and reminders

Essentially the action user event manager becomes the group
and you would have a dedicated page for that group with info on the group, weblinks, social media links

a group could be: a bands name, an individual, a cooking group, a person that puts on singles events in tnorthern sydney for example whatever its a group of people
similar to  etc
and on that group page are future events, past events etc

also it will take event reviews from previous events and show them on this page
you could also subscribe to this groups events

group admins can set their group to public or private

if there is a way to join the group to gain access to the events- that would be great
or only group followers can RSVP or buy a ticket is something for a future version

there would be badges for the group such as 
how many subscribers
How many events

Gold standard events, platinum when they reach certain milestones number of events/positive reviews etc

you would also create a shortcode to display in tile view the groups- when clicked it takes you to the provide page
on each event there would be a link to the profile page

on the event card there would be the option for private groups- you much join this group to learn more about it or to attend
something like that

you could set it up that they have to pay to create a group, with a monthly subscription or a one off payment
options to set limits on the number of events they can upload

this addon was brought to you by the ideas guy