Community Groups Addon

an addon that works well with

action user, RSVP, Tickets, Reviews subscriber and reminders

Essentially the action user event manager becomes the group
and you would have a dedicated page for that group with info on the group, weblinks, social media links

a group could be: a bands name, an individual, a cooking group, a person that puts on singles events in tnorthern sydney for example whatever its a group of people
similar to  etc
and on that group page are future events, past events etc

also it will take event reviews from previous events and show them on this page
you could also subscribe to this groups events

group admins can set their group to public or private

if there is a way to join the group to gain access to the events- that would be great
or only group followers can RSVP or buy a ticket is something for a future version

there would be badges for the group such as 
how many subscribers
How many events

Gold standard events, platinum when they reach certain milestones number of events/positive reviews etc

you would also create a shortcode to display in tile view the groups- when clicked it takes you to the provide page
on each event there would be a link to the profile page

on the event card there would be the option for private groups- you much join this group to learn more about it or to attend
something like that

you could set it up that they have to pay to create a group, with a monthly subscription or a one off payment
options to set limits on the number of events they can upload

this addon was brought to you by the ideas guy