eventon blogger (I am an ideas man)
a way to display your past blog posts with the ability to filter by category

if people use the calendar on their site and they have a blog or a news section- it might be good for them to have a blog/news section that looks like eventon so their site has a seamless feel

for companies that want to archive their news section to have eventon display them (like weekly view or full cal for example- you could also set month and year to show all news in 2016 for example

It might be good also to include a few cool features that blogs want but is not set by default- like create an eventon blog post and it auto shares with facebook, linkedin, twitter and whatever other social media sites out there
date feature would only need to be the date it was published- not an end date
possible time as well
No need for maps
but a featured image would work well
this way companies could display their blog posts as a tile for example with pop up or default view with slide open

and the cool thing is it opens up potential sales to non calendar users using the same skill sets and technology