NEW PLUGIN: Invite guests.
A way to invite guests to an event- multiple people at a time
(so upload an excel sheet or add names manually- name and then email address

create the HTML invite- fill in the blanks and invite them
Customer can pick from several templates and fill in the blanks- needs to be dumbed down simplicity is key
Automatically adds the event link in the email

1: Action user: add an event and then the option to invite people comes up from iether a widget or a form in the event manager- front end invite form
area for password as well
2: RSVP- have the invited audience automatically be RSVPed (this has been requested in the past) option to turn this on and off per event
3: reminders: if the above happens then it will then send reminders)
4: Tickets- to include the price
5:qr code have the qr code in the email (optional)
6: The ability to sell the invite- so the customer pays the web owner money to send out the invite (possibly with action user plus)
7:Incorporate a social media share into the system
the ability to limit how many emails are sent at one time (to not overload your won server)
an smtp plugin would be needed as people may invite 50 people at a time (My server can handle that but many might not be able to)

this would be great for communities, groups and organisations- it wouldn’t need cron jobs as it is a basic send now feature- just needs to be able to send to multiple emails at a time.

I believe this provides the complete picture for events- you have a way to rsvp and sell tickets- remind people to turn up but currently no real way to get people to the event- you want to provide the complete end to end solution to events all under 1 roof. what do ya think?