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Action user: Default Subject for Inquiries Email is mis-spelled, and does not show Language over-ride

  • Screen: edit event

    1. Field: Override Default Subject for Inquiries Email is mis-spelled. Correct spelling is Inquiry not Inquery

    2. Expected: if Override Default Subject is configured in Action User settings, value appears Event post type.
    Actual: default message “New ticket sale Inquery” is visible.

    BY: vinay kathuria - Oct 17,2020 AT 11:44AM - 2 hours ago
    • By: vinay kathuria Oct 17,2020 AT 11:46AM - Posted 2 hours ago - #200657

      Screenshots attached

    • By: infotainerdave Oct 17,2020 AT 12:51PM - Posted 1 hour ago - #200662

      I understand the spelling error however what is the issue you face?

      can you not change the subject line? (from the screenshot you provided)

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