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Adding custom repeating events date doesn't update front-end properly

Hi wonderful EventON team! It’s Joel Zaslofsky again on behalf of Emilie Wapnick. 🙂

I discovered a bug with deleting an existing event in a custom repeating events series and then adding a new event in the series with the “+ Add New Repeat Interval” button. Long-term, I feel like the best solution would be to allow us to edit existing events in a custom repeating sequence. But barring that, I’ll take a bug fix.

Here’s a 3:30 video that shows you how to recreate the bug: https://loom.com/share/1fb12ff496eb4e9b9653c6522b38c34f

BY: EmilieWapnick - Sep 16,2021 AT 9:25AM - 1 hour ago
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