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Adding Ticket to cart doesn't immediately update WooCommerce Menu Cart Icon

In reviewing clientele feedback, I’ve had a few requests for the ability of EventON Tickets to add/refresh the shopping cart menu icon after adding a ticket to the cart; presently we have two options, checkout or view cart, both selections don’t update the shopping cart icon in the menu bar, especially during the checkout process.  If the customer goes to another page, then the shopping cart icon will update with cart contents.

What’s the chance of having the EventON Tickets updating the cart icon immediately after adding the ticket?


BY: VPREATR - Feb 5,2017 AT 3:18AM - 5 years ago
    • By: infotainerdave Feb 5,2017 AT 5:31AM - Posted 5 years ago - #26857

      Yes I have seen this problem before- because the page does not refresh  it doesn’t go into the cart (it does- but it doesn’t look like it does)

      the problem that we have not figured out yet is:

      on single event pages- this is fine to refresh the page

      but when you have a list of events in a calendar- when the page refreshes – the calendar re-loads and is closed- some clients have 50 events -100 events per month and it just gets lost

      Perhaps if it is a major problem create a button (yeah I know extra work) and link to the woocommerce ticket product instead of doing it in eventon- not an idea solution- then we would haver to screw around with css to hide the real buy tickets in eventon- (creating more problems) – I’ll alert Ashan to this. the fastest solution for us is to make it refresh only on single events


      I am going to make this a feature request and vote for it because I see the value in it- although we will have to come up with a way to refresh the page and have the calendar open- this will  take some work but other uses is that you may be able to send a customer to a page with a particular event open (instead of sending the customer to the single events page) (if w can somehow create a refresh to the page with the same tickets event open, then perhaps it could also be used to allow people to send an event page to someone and have that particular event card open on page load (I don’t envy ashan on creating that)



    • By: VPREATR Feb 5,2017 AT 7:33AM - Posted 5 years ago - #26867

      Hi Dave,

      Thank you for the reply; I’m looking forward to a possible solution.  As for the refresh, isn’t the shopping cart icon ajax driven?  Could you refresh just the needed portion via jQuery?

      Needless to say that is way beyond my familiarity, again, I look forward to a potential solution (if possible).



    • By: Ashan Perera Feb 7,2017 AT 12:07PM - Posted 5 years ago - #27152

      I am workin on a new ticket addon update and have already added this part in the new update. So going to mark this as resolved as it will be in the next update.

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