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ADF - Additional Data Field - WTF?

Hey eventons! First of all thanks a lot for this great work. You took some extra miles – wow!

But, please help me – I don’t get it – for what do you use the “Additional Data Field” … ?
Are these fields private, or may theses fields be used by other Action-Users ?

Sorry for my bad english! Thank you very much again!


BY: Michael Jahn - Sep 6,2021 AT 8:07AM - 53 minutes ago
    • By: Basilis Kanonidis Sep 6,2021 AT 11:56AM - Posted 53 minutes ago - #251083

      Hi Michael,

      Those are not private fields, you can use them publically for anything you may need!

      Can you tell us what u need them for, so we can be able to help?

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