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After adding styling that you helped me with now all the fonts are displaying small

Hi Artem & the tech team
A few days ago, you very kindly supplied me with some CSS to sort out the fact that Bullet points in the side bar widgets were displaying incorrectly.
The two specific calendar events the bullet points now display correctly in the side bars, but now all the text in the main calendar is now displaying incorrectly, I hadn’t noticed this until it was pointed out to me by a colleague.a way that only the bullet points display the smaller text so that they are correct in the Sidebars and the rest of the text displays at 14px which is my default font for the whole site. The issue is that on mobiles the events text is now far too small and causes issues with google console

I have tried to adjust the CSS script that you sent me, but can’t seem to come up with a solution to this issue.
Would you have any suggestions.

BY: Susann Herrmann - Jul 2,2021 AT 10:44AM - 18 minutes ago
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