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Alignment of Google Ical calendar and in PopUp

  • Hi!
    It seems that the text Calendar and GoogleCal in the popup is not aligned.
    The text needs to be 2px down.
    For sure it is just a small issue but maybe you can fix this…

    BY: Torsten Strauss - Oct 11,2018 AT 12:25AM - 7 months ago
    • By: Torsten Strauss Oct 11,2018 AT 12:25AM - Posted 8 months ago - #93586

    • By: Artem Oct 11,2018 AT 3:49AM - Posted 8 months ago - #93622


      Could you please highlight with red what are you referring to?

    • By: Torsten Strauss Oct 11,2018 AT 8:00AM - Posted 8 months ago - #93675

      Thanks for looking into this Artem.

      I highlighted the container.


    • By: Artem Oct 11,2018 AT 1:08PM - Posted 8 months ago - #93741

      The problem is in these two custom styles you've added: https://tppr.me/vW1FC. Please check and let me know.

    • By: Torsten Strauss Oct 13,2018 AT 11:20AM - Posted 7 months ago - #93936

      Hi Artem,


      I have deleted all CSS custom code but the issue still appears.

      But no worries I added a CSS code and it is working now.

      Please close the ticket - thanks for support!



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