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Alternate Language Doesn't Display on Backend

First, love this all and your team is doing such a great job! Keep it up!

I’ve used the EventON >> Settings >> Language area to update a component of the process Event Tickets >> Additional Ticket Information to change:
Event Name to Swim Event/Season
Ticket Holder to Swimmer
Phone Number to Swimmer Age
Email Address to SwimAmerica Lesson Level if Known

It shows up perfectly on the front end where users register, but on the back end when the team registrar looks at the Event Ticket (Events >> All Event Tickets) she still sees Phone Number and Email Address as the field title which is confusing. I have also attempted to modify the display text using Loco Translate but either I’m not correcting in the right area or it doesn’t want to do it…

Do you have any tips or suggestions that will help me change the display language on the backend for an admin/editor of the store?

Thanks in advance!

BY: Ryan Gernand - Jul 22,2021 AT 8:09AM - 10 hours ago
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