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Any way to indicate an event is PAST EVENT?

I’m curious if there is a way to indicate on the single event page that an event is a PAST EVENT. Many of my events are recurring from year to year so I leave them published. Although I do not show past events on my main calendar, sometimes people still land on my single event pages via Google search.

I would like to clearly indicate when an event has passed. I know the date is an obvious indicator, but I’d love something else – like a line that says “This event has passed.” Is there any way to automatically add this to past events? Again, only looking to do this on the single event page.

Here is an example – https://lakelandmom.com/event/the-fancy-flea-old-fashioned-christmas-market/

BY: April Mucci - Jul 29,2021 AT 7:37AM - 2 hours ago
    • By: Artem Jul 29,2021 AT 10:13AM - Posted 4 hours ago - #246776


      Please check 

      You can also try following https://docs.myeventon.com/documentations/setup-use-custom-meta-fields-events/. Just make sure to enable https://docs.myeventon.com/documentations/how-to-show-various-information-in-eventtop/

    • By: April Mucci Jul 29,2021 AT 12:31PM - Posted 2 hours ago - #246784

      Thank you. Those options might work if I was willing to go in and mark each event as completed after they happen, and then remove the mark when they are rescheduled for the following year, but that is not feasible – I have over 700 events on my calendar.

      I thought there might be an automatic feature that adds a “This event has passed” to events based on the event date.

    • By: April Mucci Jul 29,2021 AT 1:47PM - Posted 1 hour ago - #246785

      Figured it out! Found the option under settings to “Set all past events as completed.”

      I will test it over the next few days, but I assume if I open a completed event and change the date to a future date, it will unmark it as completed?

    • By: Artem Jul 29,2021 AT 2:06PM - Posted 50 minutes ago - #246788

      Unfortunately, no. You need to manually uncheck Edit Event > Event Completed.

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