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Assign Google Analytics Event Tracking To Calendar

Is there a way to setup google analytics event tracking for when someone clicks on a event in the calendar or interacts with any of the events?

BY: iwantclarity - Apr 25,2017 AT 9:30AM - 3 years ago
    • By: Andres Hassing Apr 26,2017 AT 7:26AM - Posted 4 years ago - #35330

      Yes Sure! Use the Google Tag Manager.



    • By: Ashish Rai Apr 27,2017 AT 7:50AM - Posted 4 years ago - #35479

      although, there is no settings option to do that with default options.

      You may be able to find third-party plugins that will enable you to do it.

    • By: Logos Cultura Sep 13,2018 AT 8:33AM - Posted 3 years ago - #90209

      So, actually, the answer is no, right?

      The only need in my view is the ability to put a custom CSS class (or, better, a custom js code), auto-generated (or not), for each event, in some of the EventCard fields and (important) in its specific EventTop, so we can track it. Is that possible?

      Do I need to custom code it?

      Am I able to edit the EventCard template?

      Even with Google Tag Manager, using the lists or full-cal shortcode to display, and not single page vew, it wouldn’t be possible to put a track code (.js script) into each EvenTop, following unique ID. Could a custom hook be able to do that?

      Sorry for these lot of questions. Should I open a new ticket?

    • By: Artem Sep 14,2018 AT 4:11AM - Posted 3 years ago - #90290

      You can’t edit Event Card without source code customization.

      Please check EventON’s filters & actions:¬†https://docs.myeventon.com/documentations/hooks-actions-filters/

      Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for customizations. Please send us a customization job request by creating a new ticket in here and selecting Customization Request as the category so one of our developers can implement this for you.

    • By: Logos Cultura Sep 17,2018 AT 9:36AM - Posted 3 years ago - #90478

      Oh, come on. Can you at least answer me if the filters and action hooks listed there are enough to do this simple thing (add a little snippet or css class to the code inside EventTop)?

    • By: Logos Cultura Sep 17,2018 AT 1:25PM - Posted 3 years ago - #90509

      Or, at least, explain a little deeper what which of these hooks do?

    • By: Artem Sep 18,2018 AT 3:00AM - Posted 3 years ago - #90545

      As a support we don’t have enough knowledge in this field and we also can’t pass this to developers because this is not connected to software malfunction or similar.

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