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Calendar month: Show only events that start in this month

This is the page: intao.io/kalender
As you can see, there is a new calendar for each month.
Our events span 2-4 weeks. When they ‘cross’ into the next month, they are displayed again.
I would like to only show events that start in this particular month.
How do I do that?

BY: Kathrin Kroenig - Jun 30,2021 AT 6:34AM - 1 day ago
    • By: infotainerdave Jun 30,2021 AT 10:01AM - Posted 1 day ago - #243612

      You can only control that and show it once if you have it all in the one calendar- but you can’t control it across multiple calerndars

      why are you using multiple calendars on the one page? you can achieve the same thing with just 1 calendar

    • By: Kathrin Kroenig Jun 30,2021 AT 10:52AM - Posted 1 day ago - #243619

      Ok, gotcha. It’s one calendar now.

      Design question: Can I increase the margin between the months so that it becomes easier to see?

      And secondly, now that I have it in one calendar: How do I avoid the event showing up in two consecutive months?

      Thanks for your help!

    • By: infotainerdave Jun 30,2021 AT 12:07PM - Posted 1 day ago - #243622

      Alrighty- I have made some changes please see video below

      and that CSS minify I mention in the video is this link its optional but I do recommend it (they also have a tool to unminify which is useful for editing that css if need be in the future) page speed is important to google but also your customers especially on mobiles


    • By: Kathrin Kroenig Jun 30,2021 AT 12:33PM - Posted 1 day ago - #243630

      Hey Dave, thanks for your help! Really appreciate the additional teaching as well! I will definitely look into the cssminifier!

      We haven’t quite achieved yet what I was hoping for: With the “hide multiple occurences” I am now hiding the repeating calls. These do need to show up. What I was looking to do was that an event that spans into another month only shows up in the month it starts. Is there any way of doing that?


    • By: infotainerdave Jun 30,2021 AT 9:02PM - Posted 1 day ago - #243644

      I added

      hide_mult_occur=”yes” show_repeats=”yes”

      to the shortcode

      hide_mult_occur=”yes”   should only show the first month that an event is in
      show_repeats=”yes” should show repeating events (but at the same time hiding events that span over several months)

      clear your wordpress cache and see if that solves the problem

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