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Changing display of the date

How can I change the display of the date in the popup window (TILE design). I have already tried the settings under EveontOn / Settings / Time Settings.

However, the date in the popup windows and in the field date is still displayed in the format day – (day of the week) start time – day (day of the week) end time.

Same problem in the head: I would prefer if after the end time the date in brackets could not be displayed


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BY: Matthias Risse - Apr 16,2022 AT 2:22AM - 1 hour ago
    • By: infotainerdave Apr 16,2022 AT 3:02AM - Posted 1 hour ago - #275659

      posssibly try addint this css to

      appearance>>>>customize>>>>additional css

      .evo_endday {display: none;}

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