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check in how is working with different vendors?

about checking/qr code page i would like to know if i ve different “store-vendors” that create their own events/tickets generated with qrcode (i ve set “storevendor” role about checkin permission ), they will be able to checkin ONLY their tickets ?
i need that every store-vendor that create his own event/tickets are able to make check in ONLY about their tickets and not event/tickets of other Store-vendors.
in the checkin page feature do you take care about who is the owner of the tickets created or every “checkin role” set can make checkin without considering the user that created the event?
can you explain to me if i can assure that every different user that create his own Events/tickets will make checkin/qrcode EXCLUSIVELY about his tickets?

BY: aquilab - Jul 31,2021 AT 2:50AM - 2 hours ago
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