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Combining EventOn effectively with a WordPress Membership Plugin and what add-ons you recommend to use


based on the positive experience to sell tickets for my online trainings with EventOn, I want to use it to improve the organization of regular events in my online program.
Currently I organize the regular appointments in my online programm manually. In order to improve the exchange and information sharing I will setup a WordPress Membership Plugin. Ideally I want to use EventOn to improve the organisation of the calls in this program.
Currently I am a bit lost in the AddOns you offer to implement an effective solution for this use case and what wordpress members plugin works best with EventIOn.
1. If there any membership plugin, which works particular well with EventOn?
2. Is it possible to combine your subscription with the registered members? How?
3. Any tipps on how to use RSVP EVENTS INVITEES in this case?
Any hint is highly appreciated.

Thanks for your great support,

BY: Ralf Kruse - Jul 9,2021 AT 4:22AM - 1 hour ago
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