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Counter option for number of tickets left on variable tickets

This site https://www.supgloucester.co.uk/ currently uses Event On with a ticketing add-on for users to book and pay for paddleboarding tickets. Now the client has been using this functionality for a little while, we’ve realised it has some limits. Could you help us come up with a solution that will solve the following problems:

Event On doesn’t allow a ticket counter on variable products. There are limit on the amount of tickets they want to sell per event, which we can control, however the customer can’t see how many tickets are left until they get to their basket. For example, the customer can add 5 adult tickets and 2 child tickets to their basket, but when they checkout, only 2 adult tickets may have pulled through because that event only had 2 tickets left.

BY: Chris Nyland - Sep 17,2021 AT 3:32AM - 30 minutes ago
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