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Create database

We have a doubt about the database that is generated with the people enrolled in an event. Is it possible to organize inscriptions to an excel or table? We would like the subscribers data to be automatically completed in an excel table (something similar to what happens with google forms). We know it can be done by downloading the CSV but it is a complicated process knowing that a lot of people have to access the data.

BY: rherraiz - Feb 9,2017 AT 5:59AM - 5 years ago
    • By: Ashish Rai Feb 9,2017 AT 6:47AM - Posted 5 years ago - #27374

      Sorry, not sure about your request.

      Please elaborate  a little.

    • By: rherraiz Feb 9,2017 AT 7:37AM - Posted 5 years ago - #27380

      We have an event and we want to dump the data of those registered in the event to a table (excel), CSV downland is very complicated because it does not download the data placed. How could we do it? Is there any function in eventon?

    • By: Ashish Rai Feb 9,2017 AT 10:45PM - Posted 5 years ago - #27457

      That is the options we have right now.

      You will need to modify the plugin if you need custom functions. Since we do not provide customization support here, you can use the form below to send a request for paid service:


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