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Custom repeating events

I am setting up custom repeating events, the original date is 02 December 2020.
The first repeat is 04. December 2020.
When setting up the next repeat, the start date calendar only shows possible dates until 04. December 2020.
The end date calendar works fine.

I need to set up more repeating dates for this event asap, please.

BY: Michaela Feudtner - Nov 27,2020 AT 8:09AM - 1 month ago
    • By: Kenneth Gathogo Nov 27,2020 AT 10:07AM - Posted 1 month ago - #208841

      Hi Michaela,

      I am not able to replicate the issue on my end. Could you send the dates you would like the event to repeat? I would be happy to help you set them up.

    • By: Michaela Feudtner Dec 1,2020 AT 4:14AM - Posted 1 month ago - #209458

      The problem only occurs when I try to set up more than 1 repeat interval.
      The complete calender is available the first time I set a repeat interval. The next one I want to set up, the calendar goes “grey” on all dates after the date the last interval was set up for.

      Just tested it, problem is still there. I can only work around it by saving the whole event, existing it, finding it again and then set up the next repeat interval etc.




    • By: Kenneth Gathogo Dec 1,2020 AT 6:54AM - Posted 1 month ago - #209518

      Hi Michaela,

      I was able to create a test repeat event here https://www.globalbusinessowners.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=100016124&action=edit which has more repeating events. As a workaround, please ensure that when you are adding a repeating event that you start to add the repeat end date first and then the repeat start date afterwards. See here https://streamable.com/xeff7u

      Hope this helps.

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