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Customization Breach

I have requested two (02) customizations to EventOn, which I describe below:

Personalization 1, Apr 10,2021: Ticket #232525 “The possibility of including a video or an image”
I made the payment for this customization:110 $ (a través de PayPal https https://www.paypal.me/Basilakis/110usd)
Description of customization:
I need to include a demo video in the area where you can now see the main image of the event, but you should also follow the option to include an image when there is no video to post. (both options)

Personalization 2, Apr 19,2021: Ticket #234178 “Asign point to users”
I made the payment for this customization: 200 $ (a través de PayPal https://www.paypal.me/Basilakis/200usd)
Descripción de la personalización:
Automatically assign points when users sign up. The idea is to give “free” points to new customers. From the administration of should control the number of points that are assigned. The function so that the “free” points have a validity period.

Customization Breach:

The assigned development man is Basilis Kanonidis did not comply with the two (02) customizations requested in Tickets # 232525 and # 234178, I wrote more than 100 messages to Basilis and he does not respond.
I am creating these Tickets for someone to take action, although it seems that Basilis has full control of the EventOn Tickets, because as I am mentioning his name in these claim tickets, he closes the immediately responding ticket that he has already done the work (which it’s a lie, he never did any work on my website).
However, he never did any work on my website, and I don’t want him to do anything either because I don’t trust him anymore, I just want my money back

Almost 4 months have passed, and I have no response, I need a refund of all my money.


Ahhh, don’t close the ticket until this is fixed!

BY: Gilberto Jara - Jul 27,2021 AT 4:09PM - 3 hours ago
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