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Date in event is not being saved!

Hello, just bought the plugin. But it is not working correctly.

When i add a event and put in the date of the event, it does not save the date! It changes the  date to the time of creation of the event.

I created a video to show you the issue!

See video of my issue:  https://youtu.be/PLrJib1dL2I

BY: Joe Vrolijk - Feb 17,2017 AT 8:01AM - 5 years ago
    • By: Ashan Perera Feb 17,2017 AT 12:11PM - Posted 5 years ago - #28507

      WOW this is very strange can you please send me FTP access to your site so I can do some debug on there to see whats goin on.

    • By: Joe Vrolijk Feb 17,2017 AT 12:31PM - Posted 5 years ago - #28513

      I’ve sent the details in private! Thanks for looking into this!

    • By: Joe Vrolijk Feb 17,2017 AT 5:44PM - Posted 5 years ago - #28536

      Is there any update on this?



    • By: Joe Vrolijk Feb 18,2017 AT 1:15PM - Posted 5 years ago - #28594

      Hello Ashan,

      I havent heard anything back since your first reply. I would really like an update. Even just a ” We’re working on it” . I have to deliver this site to one of my clients in two days.

      I really like the plugin. But this is an issue which could be a deal breaker for me. It is not usable for me now with this issue. But if there is no time to fix this for me i will have to check out alternatives. Which i really dont want. Please let me know.

      Awaiting a response.

      Appreciate all the help regardless.




    • By: Christian Müller Feb 19,2017 AT 5:18AM - Posted 5 years ago - #28607

      Same problem over here. Bought Eventon today, installed it and I’m also having problems to save the correct date.

    • By: infotainerdave Feb 19,2017 AT 5:52AM - Posted 5 years ago - #28616

      it is the weekend and as a result Ashan has that time off he is back on Monday

    • By: Christian Müller Feb 19,2017 AT 11:16AM - Posted 5 years ago - #28633
    • By: Christian Müller Feb 19,2017 AT 11:21PM - Posted 5 years ago - #28660

      I changed PHP version on my server from 7.1.1 back to 5.6.30 and now it works. Possible, that the newer php version is causing the trouble?

    • By: Joe Vrolijk Feb 20,2017 AT 2:53AM - Posted 5 years ago - #28668

      Hey TV-Plittersdorf,

      I think you just hit the jackpot there bud! I’ve changed my PHP from 7.1 to 5.6 and voila, it works.. Looks like EventOn isnt compatible with 7.1 just yet!

      This doesnt fix the issue, but at least i have a solid workaround. @Ashan, is this known? If so when can we expect full compatibility?

      TV, i wanna thank you for letting me know.. This gets me out of a pickled situation. !


    • By: Christian Müller Feb 20,2017 AT 8:39AM - Posted 5 years ago - #28706

      You’re welcome.

    • By: Ashan Perera Feb 20,2017 AT 11:54AM - Posted 5 years ago - #28728

      Well glad you guys figure this out over the weekend. I thought we resolved all PHP 7.1 conflicts but we will look more into this to get eventon 100% compatible with PHP 7.1

      As for the moment no ETA on when this will be ready.


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