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Default event image for events that doesnt have images

I tried to set default event image for events that doesn’t have images in EventCard Settings (EventCard is the full event details card) > Featured Image.
My website: https://www.apnec.it
Default event image URL: https://www.apnec.it/wp-content/uploads/APNEC-corsi-formativi.jpg
But it doesn’t show, never. Why?
For example, here is an event without images: https://www.apnec.it/corsi/corso-operatori-puppy-class-e-tecnico-cuccioli/

BY: ParentesiGrafica - Oct 13,2021 AT 7:15AM - 12 hours ago
    • By: ParentesiGrafica Oct 13,2021 AT 7:15AM - Posted 12 hours ago - #254835

    • By: Artem Oct 13,2021 AT 8:04AM - Posted 11 hours ago - #254842


      I went to EventON Settings > EventCard > selected Feature image display style: Direct Image, so it should work now. Please check and let me know.

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