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Displaying Booking Addon Time Slots

Is there any shortcode that can be used to display the booking addon time slots on a page, rather than displaying the entire ‘event card’? Simply put, I have a request form and they users can select a time slot they wish to book my time for and that is why I want to display only the time slots daily with the hours I am available. And when the user selects that time slot, they are then redirected to the WC product ticket where they can add to cart and make payment.

I am trying to put everything into one calendar format (ie scheduled events and booking appointments), currently I am using EventOn for scheduled events and for booking appointments i am using another plugin, but I want scheduled events to show on the same calendar with my appointment bookings.

BY: Jeffrey Johnston - Dec 2,2021 AT 6:10AM - 4 months ago
    • By: Artem Dec 2,2021 AT 1:08PM - Posted 4 months ago - #261490


      Just use Single Event shortcode. Make sure to add  show_exp_evc=”yes” to open it by default.

      You can also hide everything for that specific event except the booking section by using CSS:


    • By: Artem Dec 3,2021 AT 5:57AM - Posted 4 months ago - #261543

      It seems that you need to use Tickets with regular events. Create a new event for each time slot, then hide everything in it’s Event Top except time. Make them repeating.

      Also since it’s by week you can use WeeklyView add-on:


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