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Duplicate events are showing in the Category calendars.

  • I’ve attached a photo so you can see, but a repeating event, is showing in duplicate with the Category calendar. (Second section of the website.) The first is showing, and then is shows a “Show More” bar and then it shows the event again?

    Please let me know what I can do to fix.

    BY: Tim Yates - May 21,2020 AT 8:04AM - 4 months ago
    • By: Tim Yates May 21,2020 AT 8:05AM - Posted 4 months ago - #177548

    • By: Artem May 21,2020 AT 2:09PM - Posted 4 months ago - #177620


      Unfortunately, Event Lists & Items isn’t supporting Load More functionality at the moment. Please check available options in Shortcode Generator:

    • By: Tim Yates May 22,2020 AT 3:09PM - Posted 4 months ago - #177799

      It was working at one point, but you’re saying it doesn’t now? Correct?  Will it work again at some point?

    • By: Artem May 23,2020 AT 2:56AM - Posted 4 months ago - #177815

      These options were never available in the Shortcode Generator. Please create a new ticket and select Feature Request as category so others can vote to get this moved into development faster.

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