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eMails cant send wenn the sender eMail adress is gmx or gmail, and and and

  • Hallo we have a problem with one point of the Ticket System.

    In The Possition

    “Inquire before buy”

    I think that in this module are the sender Adress the Adress which i can put in the Form.  So our Provider spam  gmx, gmail,  and lot of more.

    Is it possible the Fill in Adress to set so a replay Adress and put in a fixed sender Adress which the Provider doesen’t spam.



    BY: Andreas_Friedrich - Feb 2,2017 AT 5:58AM - 3 years ago
    • By: Ashish Rai Feb 2,2017 AT 10:02AM - Posted 3 years ago - #26568

      You mean when users with gmail address use the form, it does not work?

      I just used my gmail address and it worked fine.

    • By: Andreas_Friedrich Feb 7,2017 AT 4:48AM - Posted 3 years ago - #27084

      Yes normaly it works   but  our Provider

      spam gmx  gmail and and and  because there are not a eMail fom the Provider

      So i need a fixed Sender Adress

      and the eMail from the customer   is the replay email

    • By: Ashish Rai Feb 7,2017 AT 8:38AM - Posted 3 years ago - #27110

      Sorry. I did not understand.

      Can you describe again please?

    • By: Andreas_Friedrich Feb 16,2017 AT 2:01AM - Posted 3 years ago - #28252

      wenn jemand eine Frage zum Ticket hat, schreibt dieser seine eMail in das Formular Beispiel
      Diese eMail wird dann als  sender eMail benutzt. Da unser Mailserver aber keinen kennt, wieder dieser geblockt und darf nicht über unseren Server Mails versenden.
      Daher meine Frage, kann man eine feste sender email hinterlegen Beispiel
      und die eMail Adresse des Kunden wird nur als Antwort Adresse benutzt und in der eMail angezeigt.

    • By: infotainerdave Feb 18,2017 AT 12:46AM - Posted 3 years ago - #28556

      please reply in english

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