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event box duplicate

I created it the same way I always have but no matter what I do it always creates two event boxes on the homepage. If I edit and update the box it updates both. If I delete the box it deletes both. I cannot figure out why it is creating two or how to fix it, please help.

BY: Fernando Covecino - Sep 7,2023 AT 9:50AM - 1 hour ago
    • By: Fernando Covecino Sep 7,2023 AT 9:51AM - Posted 4 hours ago - #325341

    • By: Artem Sep 7,2023 AT 11:52AM - Posted 2 hours ago - #325363


      Please add hide_mult_occur=”yes” to the shortcode to hide multiple occurrences.

    • By: Fernando Covecino Sep 7,2023 AT 12:41PM - Posted 1 hour ago - #325375

      Thks a lot, that solve the problem

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