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Event is not responsive if it has many extra images

If an event has more than 3-4 extra images, the whole event page is not responsive and looks bad on mobile.

See a screenshot here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8flgkycmgh6sppq/Screen%20Shot%202564-07-11%20at%2013.47.46.png?dl=0

A suggestion for a fix would be to make the extra images display on a slider. You could also just add flex-wrap: wrap; to the evo_event_images class and then make sure the images are stretching so they fill out the full vertical space.

BY: Viborg Animation Festival - Jul 10,2021 AT 11:57PM - 1 hour ago
    • By: Viborg Animation Festival Jul 10,2021 AT 11:58PM - Posted 1 hour ago - #244646

      I mean horizontal space of course / not vertical 🙂

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