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Event list not showing next month events

I have an active version of Event Lists Extended and I have been using the following shortcode to show the next 12 events in an event list: [add_eventon_el event_count=”12″ hide_past=”yes”]
Currently, there are no more events in the current month (September), however there are many upcoming events in October. However, the event list is just showing “NO EVENTS” rather than showing the next 12 events in October. This shortcode has worked for me for several years, but now it appears that if there are no events in the current month, it does not look into future months to show the next 12 events regardless of month. Does the shortcode need to be changed?

BY: Tim Witort - Sep 27,2021 AT 2:53PM - 4 months ago
    • By: infotainerdave Sep 28,2021 AT 1:59AM - Posted 4 months ago - #252887

      The shortcode is incorrect

      let me show you what it should be in the video below

      the link in the video is


    • By: Tim Witort Sep 28,2021 AT 10:34AM - Posted 4 months ago - #252955

      Perfect! That’s one of the best support experiences I’ve had when dealing with a software or technical issue (and I do software support myself!) Many thanks for the quick, clear, excellent response!

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