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I purchased and am using the EventOn plugin on my site, and am interested in the Event Tickets add on, but have a question about functionality.

Does it come with shortcodes, or some other capability to allow users to buy tickets from pages other than the calendar?  We would like people to be able to buy from the calendar, but in addition we would also like to create another non-calendar page, for example, with a list of events with purchase buttons.

Is this possible?


BY: feycsEd7 - Feb 14,2017 AT 12:39PM - 5 years ago
    • By: ESHM Feb 14,2017 AT 2:26PM - Posted 5 years ago - #27966

      Tickets in Woocommerce are represented as individual posts with specific URLs that display as a standard Woocommerce Item page. You can link to the URL of a Product item from anywhere else on your website you would like to. I don’t think you need the Ticket add-on to do so, but the Products in Woocommerce will need to be created with names corresponding to events, and there will not be ticket analytics available within the Event itself because the Ticket Add-on provides a lot of integration features that associate tickets with specific events and display them inline with the event info. See the Event Tickets page for all the features.

      A caveat however, the most recent update of Woocommerce appears to have invalidated the Variable ticket pricing options bundled with the Event Tickets.

    • By: infotainerdave Feb 14,2017 AT 4:03PM - Posted 5 years ago - #27984

      Ashan is aware of this problem with Variable ticket pricing and is working on it right now.


      when you create an event with tickets activated- it auto creates a product in woocommerce


      so you can send a link to the woocomerce product or send to the single event as the event has the add to cart feature

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