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event_count shortcode

  • Hi there,
    I’m stuggeling with the following problem,

    I got an event list shortcode setup and It should show the next 12 upcoming events.
    When I use: event_count=’12’ It does show more than the 12 upcoming events that I want.
    I know what is happening it shows 12 events from the fist month and then the 12 events from the second ect ect.

    I have 5 upcoming events in november and 10 in December so in my case I want is to show the 5 of november and then the 7 of december. till the first november date is past and it will show 4 of november and 8 of december.

    I’m using this code at the moment.

    [add_eventon_list etc_override=”no” accord=”no” tiles=”yes”  tile_count=”4″ tile_height=”200″  number_of_months=”12″  event_count=”12″ show_limit=”yes” event_past_future=”future” hide_so=”yes” hide_month_headers=”yes” show_year=”no”]

    I hope is is not to confusing and you can help me out.

    BY: Jacob Christoffels - Oct 6,2020 AT 5:15AM - 1 month ago
    • By: Artem Oct 6,2020 AT 5:23AM - Posted 1 month ago - #199050


      In order to show 12 events from multiple months in one list you need to use Event Lists: Ext shortcode with enabled “Apply Event Count to Whole Events List”:

      [add_eventon_el event_count_list=”yes”]

      Please try on

    • By: infotainerdave Oct 6,2020 AT 5:23AM - Posted 1 month ago - #199052

      You will want to use to show 12 events regardless of the month

    • By: Jacob Christoffels Oct 6,2020 AT 6:03AM - Posted 1 month ago - #199055

      ook thx guys Ill check it out.

    • By: Jacob Christoffels Oct 6,2020 AT 6:20AM - Posted 1 month ago - #199057

      Hmm I just bought the extention, but now it seem that the extention shortcode does not support the tiles view lik in the normal event list.

    • By: Artem Oct 6,2020 AT 10:32AM - Posted 1 month ago - #199113

      Please make sure that

      tiles=”yes”  tile_count=”4″ tile_height=”200″

      were added to the shortcode.

      If they were please send us wp-admin access to your site as a private message for us to further assist your situation.

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