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"EventON - Event Tickets" creates a virus warning in Bitdefender (Anti-Virus for all major browsers)

One of my website visitors made me aware, that the AntiVirus Tool Bitdefender warns to use my website.
I used Wordfence to identify the potential vulnerable sections (plugins and themes) on my wordpress site.
Successively I deleted the plugins and themes that can cause this problem.
Thereby it is clearly evident that the problem is generated by PlugIn XY.
This means Bitdefender throws in my browser a warning, when your plugin is installed and it doesn’t throw on if I delete it.
Due to the hosting it is a bit difficult to provide you access to the stage environment and you ticket-plugin is a central part of my site.
From my understanding the wordfence-log from the scan on the production site should provide already a quite good understanding what are the critical vulnerable code section.
Could you please have a look and help to fix it.
Thanks for your support.

BY: Ralf Kruse - Mar 8,2022 AT 6:18AM - 1 hour ago
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