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EventON RSVP Plugin Not Working

I have the EventON calendar plugin and it works beautifully. However, whenever I activate the RSVP addon and try to edit an event, none of the event boxes will load properly on the back end (i.e. the new “RSVP Event” box or the “Main Event Details” box).

Inside the browser console I’m getting a 500 Server Error.

The request I’m sending is:
action: “eventon_eventedit_onload”
eid: “5136”
nn: “3a4caf5151”

And the response I’m getting is:
“There has been a critical error on this website”

The website continues to run fine on the front end, but the back end event section won’t work unless I deactivate the RSVP plugin.

BY: Brett Matheson - Mar 18,2023 AT 11:43AM - 50 minutes ago
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