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Filter Option

  • Hello,

    i had some Problems with the Filter Options.
    Add On: FULL CALL
    1. The Filter Option does not Works on iOs Safari and Android Goolge Chrome
    (Windows 10 / Firefox it Works Fine)_

    2. I want show the Filter Option as always On in Full Call is that possible?

    3. I want to see more than one month is that Selectable?

    BY: Mike Schewloka - Mar 14,2017 AT 3:59PM - 3 years ago
    • By: infotainerdave Mar 14,2017 AT 6:57PM - Posted 3 years ago - #31243

      I am sorry, the access information you have provided did not work for us. Please check them and post the correct login information as a private message, thank you!

    • By: infotainerdave Mar 15,2017 AT 12:32AM - Posted 3 years ago - #31266

      full cal shortcode:

      [add_eventon_fc cal_id=”full” grid_ux=”1″ jumper=”yes” exp_so=”yes” ]

      this has the filter option open on load see page:

      If you have access to a tabbed layout you could have multiple months in each tab but you want to give each full cal a different ID and that ID must be 1 word no spaces for example:

      cal_id=”full1″      cal_id=”full2″     cal_id=”full3″

      or in visual composer you can create columns and put a calendar in each column (and you have to give each a cal ID as above)

      you could for example have 3 columns

      and in the second shortcode you add month_incre=”+1″ and the third add month_incre=”+2″

      this would show the current month      then the next month and then the next month

      or you could have different calendars for different event types

      to have the month selection appear on the full cal as open add this to your full call shortocde

      exp_jumper=”yes” jumper_offset=”2″



    • By: infotainerdave Mar 15,2017 AT 12:34AM - Posted 3 years ago - #31267

      My tests on google android shows the filters working I don’t have access to test on iOs Safari other than emulators which show it working but they are not always accurate

      If any other admins can test on safari and android that would be great and post results here

    • By: Mike Schewloka Mar 22,2017 AT 5:55AM - Posted 3 years ago - #31902

      It works jet on Safari. I don´t know why? Have you change some Settings?

    • By: Mike Schewloka Mar 22,2017 AT 7:02AM - Posted 3 years ago - #31913

      Problem is, who one several calendar months indicates, it jumps only with the first one. He would have to jump one more every month.

    • By: infotainerdave Mar 22,2017 AT 7:11AM - Posted 3 years ago - #31916

      Thank you for your messages, I am going to assign this ticket to Ashan and he will be able to take it from here and find you a solution. Please allow some time for him to get back to you, we greatly appreciate your patience and thank you for being a eventon customer!

    • By: Ashan Perera Mar 22,2017 AT 8:53AM - Posted 3 years ago - #31947

      I am sorry I dont understand what is the remaining issue here. If you need to jump multiple months you must use jump month option and the arrows will always only jump one month at a time.

    • By: Mike Schewloka Apr 5,2017 AT 2:02PM - Posted 3 years ago - #33340

      On this screen you April / May and so on…


    • By: Mike Schewloka Apr 5,2017 AT 2:04PM - Posted 3 years ago - #33342

      On this screen you see May / May because i have push the Button for the next Month.
      But that is not right!

      Right is May / June and so on. Is that possible that all month jump?

    • By: Ashan Perera Apr 6,2017 AT 8:56AM - Posted 3 years ago - #33493

      Oh i see what you want done. Those are individual calendars that is why you are not able to do that. Well basically its not supported to behave like this out of the box. You would need to do some custom coding here to get that working the way you want.

      For customization job, please fill up the customization request form and send us a request.

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