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Filtering on event_type does not work on Elementor tab page.

  • I try to add a calendar using the shortcode on a “Tabs”-element in Elementor. The idea was to have several calendars on separate tab-pages. This is working fine at first sight.
    But when I add a filter using e.g. event_type=”8,9″, the filter does not work and all items are displayed.
    When I do the same using the EvenOn Element in Elementor, the filter works fine.
    Any idea?
    I am using the latest version of wordpress (5.2.3) , eventOn (2.7.3) and Elementor (2,6,8).

    BY: Dirk Gaudaen - Sep 6,2019 AT 12:40PM - 1 day ago
    • By: Dirk Gaudaen Sep 7,2019 AT 12:53AM - Posted 1 day ago - #137467

      I found a workaround using the plugin "Anywhere Elementor" (AE).

      With AE, create a template for each tab page. The template is created using Elementor and contains the EventOn element with the shortcode.

      The template shortcodes (like e.g. [INSERT_ELEMENTOR id="1540"]) are then added to the text of the tab instead of the EvenOn shortcode.

      Then the filter is working!

      Still it is strange that this is not working without this workaround.



    • By: Artem Sep 7,2019 AT 11:01AM - Posted 1 day ago - #137511


      Unfortunately, EventON doesn't have 100% compatibility with Elementor.

      Thank you for sharing your solution with us. If you have any further questions or concerns please create a new ticket.

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