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foodPress—CSS loading error on pages with Menu shortcodes

I am having an issue where there seems to be a CSS loading conflict whenever the page is refreshed or re-loaded after the theme cache is cleared. This only happens on pages with foodPress menu shortcodes added into the page via Visual Composer. Whenever I clear the theme cache (using the admin toolbar), the issue vanishes and the page is loaded properly, but only temporarily until the page is reloaded again.

Notable pages where this occurs is /menu, /tequila-menu, and /bar-menu.

I have seen various other tickets where there have been previous issues with Visual Composer; is there a quick solution to maybe overwriting or modifying the CSS loading process in order to fix this? I have already performed plugin/theme conflict testing and it is pretty clear that the conflict is between foodPress and Visual Composer.

I am using the following versions of the following themes plugins: Artbees Jupiter ver 5.7, Visual Composer ver 5.0.2, foodPress ver 1.4.2

Please refrain from logging in to the site on Tuesday, March 7th. Any time after that you are free to do so.

Thanks for your help in advance!

BY: Keri Boyer - Mar 6,2017 AT 12:48PM - 5 years ago
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