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Foodpress - Woocommerce Mix & Match product compatibility

Hi there, I purchased Foodpress and the Woocommerce integration. It works well for simple products, variable products and add-on products, but not for Mix and Match products.(https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-mix-and-match-products/)

I’m really hoping to get this feature working in the following example:

Create your own platter [Main Product]
Create your own platter from the options below [Product description]
(Min Order 8 Pieces) [Min quantity rule, set in woocommerce]

Plain Mini Croissant $2.80 [individual mix and match products with variable pricing]
Large Homemade Muffin $4.20
Scones w Assorted Jams $2.50
Mix Slices & Cakes $3.50
Banana Bread $3.50
Pear & Raspberry Bread $3.50
Carrot Cake $3.50
Assorted Tarts $4.20
Hash Brown $1.20
Sausages/Choriza/Kransky $2.50
Fruit Salad Cup $4.20
Bircher Muesli & Yoghurt Cup $4.20
Fruit & Yoghurt Cup $4.20

All of this can be achieved with the mix and match woocommerce add-on, but it doesn’t show up on the foodpress front end:


There’s also no option to by-pass the popup and just proceed to the Woocommerce product page, which would be handy in this situation.

The Foodpress menu is about halfway down on the home page, login first (attached).

Let me know if you think there is a solution for this.

Thanks in advance!


BY: beatnickcreative - Mar 8,2017 AT 9:50PM - 5 years ago
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