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Front-end display not working correct

I have been using EventOn on this site for a few weeks and it has been working perfectly.

I went to the site today and saw the events page is not displaying correctly at all


I’ve disabled all caching, turned Varnish caching off at the server, disabled/re-enabled all plugins and I cannot find the issue.

The shortcode normally displayed on that page is relatively simple:
[add_eventon_list number_of_months=”3″ show_limit=”yes” hide_past=”yes” hide_empty_months=”yes” ]


Please advise, thank you!


BY: Ed Holtzman - Apr 20,2017 AT 11:12AM - 4 years ago
    • By: Ed Holtzman Apr 20,2017 AT 12:05PM - Posted 4 years ago - #34798

      So I’ve discovered the only way I can currently get the page to display correctly is to change the slug.

      Changed the slug from ‘events’ to ‘upcoming-events’ and the page displays perfectly.
      If I change the slug back to just  ‘events’, it does not display again.

      I have reset my permalinks dozens of times

      It works temporarily but the URL https://www.thenuttygerman.com/events/ is already indexed so I’d rather use that than https://www.thenuttygerman.com/upcoming-events/

      If you try changing the pages slug back to events, you should see the problem.

      Thank you in advance!

    • By: infotainerdave Apr 23,2017 AT 4:59AM - Posted 4 years ago - #35025


      you may need to customize the events page template instructions above

      Have you used a calendar plugin before? like a different one- sometimes these leave residual files and databases and most calendars including the modern tribes use that slug

      is your theme set to auto update? as this can also cause some errors

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