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Good morning all the team! Please I really need help about canonical, because I just migrate an old site to a new site + Eventon & addons.

Good morning all the team.

Please I really need help about canonical, because I just migrate an old site to a new site + Eventon & addons.

The problem is that before, I had unique URL’s for each of my events.



Actually, since the Ticket Variations addon doesn’t work for repeated events, then I have to duplicate multiple events for each date, like this:


I really need an UNIQUE url for each event, for example like this:


The problem I guess, is that with an unique url there is no REDIRECT to the next upcoming event.

Also my second question about this is:

if I duplicate events, do I have to manually apply a canonical url? Because these are 100% duplicated content events.

Thank you very much for your help, it’s very important for me because I just yet migrate the new website.

Best regards,
Eric Bousquet.

BY: Eric Bousquet - Jul 28,2021 AT 1:37AM - 56 minutes ago
    • By: Eric Bousquet Jul 28,2021 AT 1:38AM - Posted 56 minutes ago - #246527

      I’m sorry for the title of this ticket (mistake)

    • By: Eric Bousquet Jul 28,2021 AT 1:42AM - Posted 52 minutes ago - #246529

      Regarding my first question, I forgot to specify that I also want a unique URL to be able to redirect my old url’s to the new ones (301 redirection), but I don’t know to which new url’s? I still can’t redirect the old url’s to a past event?

      Thanks again for your help on this.

    • By: Artem Jul 28,2021 AT 2:26AM - Posted 8 minutes ago - #246544


      EventON doesn’t have such functionality, except https://docs.myeventon.com/documentations/change-events-slug/. WordPress handles this so you need to check the solution by following https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-create-custom-permalinks-in-wordpress/ or similar guide.

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