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Google Maps Not Working

Hi there. I am trying to make the event card pull up like this shortcode¬†[add_eventon tiles=“yes” tile_count=“3” tile_bg=“1”]

I have succeeded in doing that, as you can see from this link here>http://theaiberall.prymusweb.com/events/

here are my issues:

  1. Google Maps Isn’t working-Everytime I put in the address, Google Maps doesn’t generate the map. I would love this feature to work because¬†it looks really nice. It said in the settings API not needed so I didn’t put in API key.
  2. How do I make the event thumbnails, or preview images bigger at this page>http://theaiberall.prymusweb.com/events/
  3. Text over images: how do I make the text over images, like the demo in the event card?

Thank you kindly!

BY: Eric Smith - Apr 24,2017 AT 3:40PM - 4 years ago
    • By: infotainerdave Apr 25,2017 AT 6:57PM - Posted 4 years ago - #35307

      1: you need the API so

      Please follow this link to get a Google maps API key which you then will have to enter in myeventon settings > Google Maps API

      2: Settings>>>>media from the dashboard you can set thumbnail size

      3: do you mean text over location image? if so this is done when editing an event in the location area there is a field under the generate google maps image to Show location information over location image (If location image exist)

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