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GoogleCal: how to show Zoom details (conferecing details) in the Google calendar

  • Two questions about GoogleCal

    1) How do I get Zoom conferencing information to appear in the “location” field of the GoogleCal event (the field that Google puts a ‘map pin’ icon next to – and normally you click that and it takes you to Google Maps)

    The only way I’ve found that comes close is to put the Zoom URL eg https://zoom.us/j/123456789 in the ‘Location name’ field the EventOn calendar.

    2) Zoom allows people to dial in via direct phone numbers. I put this information in the body of the event, but when this is transferred to the GoogleCal “Description” field, the event “Detail” text is truncated after just 20 words.

    How do I make it so it’s not truncated in the GoogleCal event?



    BY: Ian Main - Sep 30,2019 AT 5:20PM - 6 hours ago
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