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Hello, ot is about recurrent event, I cannot extend recurrent event more than 4.

When I tried to use Recurrent event, I cannot extend number of repeat, 4 is maximum.
I press + button but nothing happen.

Thanks for your help

BY: Gilles CHATELIER - Dec 1,2020 AT 2:06PM - 4 weeks ago
    • By: Henriette Driesen-Joanknecht Dec 1,2020 AT 2:13PM - Posted 1 month ago - #209634

      I’ve also a problem with repeating events (since the last update). I started an event at 7 december and I chose a gap with 1 week and 1 number of repeats. And now the end date is strangely 21 december, but I like to have 14 december. I can not change the number of repeats to zero.

    • By: Kenneth Gathogo Dec 2,2020 AT 1:04AM - Posted 1 month ago - #209655

      Hi Gilles,

      Here https://pasteboard.co/JD1TLk3.png is the patch fix which will be in version 3.0.6.

      Make sure your code look same as in the patch fix.

    • By: Gilles CHATELIER Dec 2,2020 AT 5:22AM - Posted 4 weeks ago - #209711

      Thank you for your answer.

      But, please, where should I go to open the script ?



    • By: Artem Dec 2,2020 AT 10:52AM - Posted 4 weeks ago - #209738

      I am sorry, the access information you have provided did not work for us. Please check them and post the correct login information as a private message.

      I can add this one if you share the correct login info. Thank you!

    • By: Artem Dec 2,2020 AT 10:53AM - Posted 4 weeks ago - #209740

      If you want to add this one yourself please go to wp-admin > Plugins > Plugin Editor > EventON/includes/admin/post_types and so on.

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