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Hi there, I need an assist. It may or may not be within your realm of possibilities to help. Its a SEO, Google appearance question

Hi there, Im hoping you can assist in this… unorthodox query. Google has indexed and is RAPIDLY ranking our Eventon Event page which is fantastic… except.. its not showing the awesome beautiful what I call graphic version of Eventon ( the one we all LIKE to see) instead its showing the… not sure the terminology … backend wordpress crappy looking version with blue links, bad imagery and alignments etc. I can send screen shots of what I mean to help visualize. Id like to know how to only show the awesome visual version not the backend version essspecially since its on the verge of moving from Page 2 to Page 1 of google any moment now

– Philip

BY: Philip White - Jun 10,2021 AT 1:24PM - 2 hours ago
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